Benefits of Heat

Bikram Yoga is not just yoga performed under warm conditions, it involves a specific order of poses as well as an exact environment. Our 105F degree weather allows for you to become more flexible – the heat promotes your body’s flexibility. The heat also rids your body of the toxins in possesses through your profuse sweating.

The goal of yoga is to change and mold your body from the core-out, and the heat allows for your body to soften for the metamorphosis – a warm body is a flexible body. Your body is more relaxed, thus making it easier to move, and your muscles are toned by the entire experience. Through your perspiration your body is detoxified. Every cell and organ is flushed out. Whatever your previous experience is with yoga, your age, weight, or gender, Bikram Yoga will prove to be not only an effective experience, but a challenging and novel one as well.

The heat:

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