Rajashree Choudhury, R.M.P.

Rajashree began practicing yoga at the age of three with her teacher Dr. P.S. Das and continues to study with him. Rajashree Choudhury is a Registered Medical Practitioner in Alternative Medicine with a degree in Hatha Yoga Therapy. After studying in Mahila Yoga Byam Kendra and Ghosh’s College of Physical Education, she received certification in the application of hatha yoga theraphy for chronic diseases and disorders. She is the unbeaten five-timer winner of the All India Yoga Championship Competition, she won first place at the National Yoga Byayam Championships and was Mrs.India in 1985. After teaching yoga throughout the world and United States, she now teaches with his husband Bikram at International Headquarters in Los Angeles and conducts seminars worldwide. Rajashree encouraged Bikram to start his intensive teacher training course to better share the therapeutic benefits of Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class with greatest number of people arounde the globe. In the teacher training, Rajashree teaches the therapeutic applications of the Bikram Yoga postures and shares her knowledge from a lifetime practice and over 20 years of teaching experience in Los Angeles. Rajashree specializes in yoga therapy for persons with chronic diseases and diorders and shares her expertise with expecting mothers by way in her video Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga. She has appeared on many national television programs in the United States and abroad.

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